5 tips to clear IES while working on part time job

There are many who question the possibility of preparing for IES while on a job. The answer is yes you can.  It just takes a little bit of determination and time management.

Here are a few tips to clear IES exam while still on a job

  1. Accept the facts of the time you have for preparation

As a working professional, it would be difficult to make time to study in the same way you did while you were preparing for your boards or other exams. Don’t keep the same expectations of time management the way you did then. It will just depress you and not help you in achieving your goals.

First of all be realistic about the time that you have. Start your preparations at least a year before the exam. Put your full thrust on weekend study. If possible join a good weekend coaching class. Be honest with yourself.

  1. Count the minutes not the hours

As you are working you cannot depend on 2 and 3 hour stretches of study. Don’t feel guilty about this. Start changing your approach by adding in minutes of study and practice in between your work schedule.

Try to squeeze in 20 to 25 minutes out of your schedule whenever you can. You know your timings better and you will also know when you can add these precious minutes to your study hours. Don’t aim at completing one entire exercise or one entire topic at once. Break it into pieces and add it all up.

Put your hourly stretches post dinner and when you add up all the time you will be happy to see that you have put in the requisite amount of time in your preparation. This will boost your morale and keep you going.

  1. There is no such thing as free time

If you wait for free time to start on your preparation then it will never happen. You will need to make time. A half an hour here and there is always easy to find if you are determined to reach your goal. No one can hand you any amount of extra time. Cribbing about no time is going to get you nowhere.

  1. Surfing the internet is not the same as studying

We live in a digital world and latest information is at the tip of our fingers. But one has to understand the difference between surfing the internet for information gathering and actual studying.

Reading up on the information you get on the internet is not going to count as studying. The possibility of random questions from the internet coming up in your exams is not a very great possibility. Stick to the syllabus and keep your studying to the topics related to the syllabus.

Doing endless research on one topic only will hamper your time management schedules. 10 to 12 points on each topic for is enough to write the descriptive answers in the exam. Reading up from 50 different web pages will only hamper your recalling abilities. It will also discourage you in terms of completing your syllabus as it will look as if it is endless. Use the time you have at work or at home productively and precisely.

  1. Your memory has a limit

You are working so it is obvious you will have other things to worry about besides the preparation for your IES exams. Understand that your memory has to serve you right during the exams. Reading up on endless write-ups will only confuse and remove relevant information from your memory.

If you are reading up on a topic that has lengthy information pick up 4 to 5 important points with enough supporting data for you to remember clearly and you will be able to do justice to your answers in the exams.

A lot of aspirants keep paper cuttings of important topics, save up web pages to read up later when they have more time. Follow-up instantly and don’t leave anything for the future.

All these points will definitely help you prepare for your IES exams while you are on a job and also you can clear it. But there is one point that every aspirant has to accept and act upon. That is, no matter what you do if you want to clear your IES Exams then you have no choice but to Study!

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