How to Break Into Art Courses

Every year, the university admissions process sends students into a panic. As the day comes and goes, it can be quite disappointing if you don’t get your confirmation or unconditional acceptance. While that will increase the amount of stress and uncertainty in your life, it is not as difficult in certain fields. The art and design fields are not as susceptible to the different kinds of stress as some of the STEM fields. Your test scores are not as important to the art and design courses; while you need your test scores to be as high as possible, they’re not the ultimate determining factor for an art course. With a math course, you need to be great with math. The same is true of art and design courses.

Build Up Your Portfolio

If you’re worried about moving into clearance, you need to do everything you can to shore up your portfolio. If your portfolio of art and design isn’t very exciting, you need to find some ways to build it up. You’ll have all summer to build up your portfolio. The best portfolio shows off two things: your skill and your range. Those are the two most important factors when it comes to art and design Clearing 2017.

Skill and Range

Your art skill is the raw ability you have. That could be a very narrow set of skills, though. For example, you might be very talented with pencils and charcoal, but not so good with paints. That is the kind of thing an art course would like to know before they admit you. If you have a narrow level of talent, you might still get in; therefore, showcasing your skill is important. However, if you have a wide range of skills, your chances are even better.

Displaying your range means showing all of the different kinds of art and design skills you can offer. That means showing off your line drawings, paintings, sculptures, photography, and much more. Those things are very important to proving how well you can work in many different mediums. Having a wide range of skills is important for several reasons. For one, it shows that you can do just about anything that is required of the university courses. You will be able to work your way through their degree program without any trouble. Furthermore, it shows that you’re flexible as well as willing to work in different fields and mediums. You will have to do that as a student, so it is a good ability to have on display.

Even if you plan to focus on one type of art medium, you’ll have to take courses in many different categories. To do so, you’ll need to display your skill and your range. If you can do that, clearance will not be a problem.

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