Learn the Compelling Features Offered by Mercedes AMG Model

The Mercedes-AMG GmbH started as an independent firm called “AMG.” Mercedes AMG vehicles offer upgrades such as custom wheel packages, high-performance engines, spoilers, body kits, custom wood trim, upgraded upholstery, high-performance audio systems and several other styling upgrades and performance options.

AMG Line

AMG line provides cosmetic additions to a simple Mercedes model such as an AMG steering wheel, AMG body kit, a lot of synthetic leather and stainless-steel pedals. AMG Line also comes up with some beneficial technical enhancement features such as bigger brakes and a highly responsive steering setup. This makes the AMG Line cars, an enjoyable version in comparison to lesser versions.

AMG Mercedes has been working with Mercedes-Benz to manufacture high-performance and efficient versions of Mercedes-Benz automobiles. These include the CLA, G-Class, CLS, GLA, GL-Class, C-Class, GLE, and S- Class. Their first independent vehicle was the SLS AMG. Each

Features of Mercedes-Benz AMG:

Below are mentioned certain features that makes Mercedes Benz unique.

Turbocharged Engines

Many of the standard Mercedes-Benz engines are aspirated. This implies that the air used by them for the combustion procedure is drawn in by the engine compression. A turbocharged engine makes use of a mechanical device “turbocharger.” It forces more amount of air inside the engine with the help of an exhaust-driven turbine.

For the additional air that is coming inside the engine, more amount of fuel can be added at the time of the combustion procedure. This produces a forceful gaseous expansion when ignited. It also enhances the output engine power dramatically.

Mercedes-AMG engine includes:

  • 0-Liter Turbocharged Inline 4-Cylinder:
  • 0-Liter BiTurbo V6:
  • 0-Liter BiTurbo V8:
  • 5-Liter BiTurbo V8:
  • 0-Liter BiTurbo V12:

High-Performance Transmissions

Due to enhanced power provided by the Mercedes AMG turbocharged engines, it needs high quality performance transmissions to efficiently transfer it to the wheels of the vehicle. Models with inbuilt “2.0-Liter four-cylinder engine” use Speed shift dual-clutch seven speed transmission, while others use the Speedshift MCT multi clutch seven speed transmission. Both of these transmissions offer rapid shifting via a clutch free manual mode and 3 automatic driving modes that includes comfort, sport, and sports plus.


Vehicles that are offered in the Mercedes-AMG line showcases quality, comfort, luxury, and reliability for which Mercedes-Benz has been known for. They offer exclusive range of features that are not present in other models of Mercedes-Benz. This unmatched performance makes it the best option to invest your money on.

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