Mind Mapping For Marketing, Technical Writing and Pr – A Professional Copywriter’s Perspective

Regardless of whether you use paper and pen or even the latest mind mapping software, the straightforward elegance of the method has become a effective tool for copywriters, authors or anybody who must organise ideas or think more creatively.

Maybe you have spent hrs writing meeting notes yet felt the vital information remains hidden deep within scores of minutes? Or, maybe you’ve wrestled with complex information for any report, website or perhaps a e-newsletter. In the event that heard this before, the solution, as numerous others have found, may lie within the simple but effective technique known as mind mapping.

Mind mapping in marketing, technical writing and PR

Two decades ago, before I grew to become a copywriter located in Gloucestershire, England, I came across mind mapping, got hooked and shortly began by using this simple tool within my marketing, technical writing and PR work. Since that time, mind mapping is becoming a fundamental element of my working and private existence, completely altering generate income think, organise information and plan my copywriting. Regardless of whether you mind map on the rear of an envelope or with mind mapping software for example Freemind, the process could improve your writing existence too.

Limitless ways to use copywriters yet others…

Mind mapping relates to techniques for example concept mapping, idea mapping and Ishikawa diagrams. The word mind mapping was created by British author Tony Buzan and includes creating branching diagrams which use lines, words, colour and pictures to capture information around a main idea.

Like several great ideas, mind mapping is really as easy and accessible like a pencil as well as an old envelope. Although Buzan claims the origination from the term mind map, using image-centered radial graphical organization methods dates back centuries. With computers it had been inevitable that mind mapping would achieve our monitors as mind mapping software like the excellent free Freemind.

Mind mapping: a effective brainstorming tool

Whether you are an active executive or perhaps a copywriter much like me, mind mapping results in a flow of ideas. By creating blank branches, you are made to fulfill the brain’s desire to have Gestalt, or wholeness, to locate solutions making new associations. Where traditional taking notes works inside a restricted, straight line way, mind mapping exploits the brain’s inclination to scan the entire field of knowledge before it.

Benefits of mind mapping for copywriters?

So frequently, the easiest ideas and tools would be the most effective. In my act as a copywriter, I have used mind mapping daily to organize articles, sales brochure content and website copy and for various thinking and brainstorming purposes. Naturally, this short article was planned using mind mapping.

Do you know the benefits of mind mapping for copywriters?

No requirement for costly technology (though mind mapping software programs are very effective)

Portability (what’s handier than a classic envelope along with a pencil?)

Mind mapping is equipped to an array of tasks

Mind mapping is ideal for organizing copywriting projects

Mind mapping prompts new ideas – it is a effective creativeness aid

Mind mapping (and mind mapping software) is simple to understand and employ

Mind mapping makes it simple to see your subject overview

If you are much like me, you’ll take advantage of the first simple mind map

Mind mapping can be included to and reviewed easier than straight line notes

Mind mapping is great looking, and FUN!

The important thing to effective mind mapping

The secrets of effective mind mapping are emphasis, association, clearness and creating a personal style. As a result, mind mapping shares a great deal using the concepts of excellent copywriting. When your initial mind map is finished, it is simple to add more ideas or associations between different elements.

Beginning having a blank sheet of paper and ensure that is stays horizontal before you decide to, place a strong written and graphical image in the center from the page. Then draw a number of radiating lines out of the central image, each one of these akin to a vital idea with regards to your theme. On every radiating line, write just one keyword for your idea. Then, keep going, adding finer lines and much more keywords while you create a natural, branching hierarchy of ideas. Be spontaneous, you shouldn’t be picky about appearance, get individuals ideas lower and find out in which you finish up. You might be surprised.

It’s that simple all of a sudden you are mind mapping!

Mind mapping software versus paper and pencil: the benefits and drawbacks

So, two decades into mind mapping (but still learning) will i prefer paper and pencil or computerised mind mapping software? Mind mapping software programs are certainly great for getting enough detailed information online right into a page and frees you against the novice’s be worried about fitting everything right into a small area. In addition, computerised mind maps can be simply integrated along with other electronic documents for any polished presentation

However, despite keyboard shortcuts, mind mapping software rarely matches the rate of paper and pencil as ideas flow. I have also discovered that conventional mind mapping is simpler, faster and fewer obtrusive inside a client meeting.

Mind Map is a powerful graphic technique that helps in unlocking the potential of the brain. The technique helps in enhancing the learning and thinking skills of a person. The best place for going for a mind map Singapore is Nurture Craft.

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